Anthony Perruzza

Focus On You

  • Excellent Customer Service
    For Anthony, constituents are number one. That’s why today, he is one of the most popular councillors in Toronto. Anthony will continue to focus on you and your neighbours, your needs and your concerns.
  • Fight Unwanted Development
    Before any development units are built, Anthony will ensure that the community is consulted and that the community benefits.
  • Lower Crime
    Anthony is the only councillor in the ward that wants to get handguns and ammunition off the streets TODAY. He builds community partnership with police. He won’t tolerate American-style gun crime here.
  • Fair Rents
    Anthony brought in landlord licensing to make sure rents are fair and buildings are safe. He will continue to fight unfair landlords and to advocate for the rights of tenants.
  • Maintain Roads and Fix Sewers
    Anthony repaired the sewers in his ward through major reconstruction projects which dealt with the significant basement flooding problem.
  • Improve Parks
    Anthony has improved each park in the area he represents. He has added playgrounds, lighting, paths and splash pads to revitalize them.
  • Services for Seniors
    Anthony helped create the Property Tax Increase Cancellation program for seniors and people with disabilities so they can afford to live in their own home.

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Anthony Perruzza